First graders at FH Aachens design program - fantasy submarine models...
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Rock and roll youth on their way to a concert back in 2005. Me on the right. Most of us met again this weekend:)

Distant Close Friends

Hello Blogosphere! I just felt like blogging a little before going to bed. My rythm is off after two long nights with good old friends in Oslo, so it will take some to fall asleep anyway. You see, I got an invite to a former colleague’s 40th birthday outside Oslo, and since I really like … Continue reading

How I felt after seeing yachts being built and designed in Holland

Happy New Year!

It’s already 2015! I hope you all had a good few days with your loved ones. Maybe even some time for your hobbies? I had such a good time with friends and family this christmas. I think it helped to have that long school holiday. I managed to get the most pressing tasks out of … Continue reading

A copper pipe from dip within the warship HMS Belfast - photographed when Julie and I did a tour


Good evening readers! Here is a quick summary of what has happened since last time: + Travelled to London with Julie – none of us had been there before! — Lost our fantastic cat – he got very ill and had to be euthanised by the vet:( ) + Finished everything except for the exams … Continue reading

Finalized composition


Dear Blog… School has been, and is, super busy. Especially now that we are approaching end of semester. But I am having a lot of fun, and one subject in particular has let me dig into one of the core topics of design. I am talking about aesthetics. For me, this is where some of … Continue reading

Viev from the hotel room over the old shipyard area. The crane is a hotel!

Going to Amsterdam to see boats and boatpeeps

In the beginning of september – 5th to 8th, Julie and I were in Amsterdam for their big annual “on the water” boat show – HISWA. The decision to go was made just 10 days in advance, because I felt I needed to keep more in touch with my main design subject. There are many … Continue reading

Tross middle spread

Back to school

Welcome back to trulsblog! Tuesday august 12th I went back to university to study design. It had been 13 years since last time I started and 8 years since I graduated. I was younger than most of my colleagues at DNB, now I am “the old guy”. It is challenging, but I do feel that … Continue reading


Othilienborg film festival 2014 – SCIFI!

Tomorrow I start my studies at NTNU! Be assured, there will be blog. But first, I want to tell you about something special. Friday and saturday 1st and 2nd august the annual movie festival in our apartment took place! We have a 71 square meter (765sq.ft.) apartment, so that sounds quite pretentious, right? Well it’s … Continue reading


YES – Now finally I know what to do!

The decision has been made. I will study Industrial Design at NTNU (where we already live) over the next four years. It will be great! Bergen art school is a very impressive school with a great program for furniture design and interior architecture, but I need a more broad design education. If NTNU cannot provide … Continue reading

Suggestions for group task in Bergen


The story of how coaching made my choice of study program very very hard


Upløyd mark

  Read this first Still blogging in Norwegian, just because it is quicker and easier to express myself in Norwegian. As before, do a silly google translate and fire off any questions in the comments:) Dere som vet hvor jeg har søkt osv kan forsåvidt hoppe over denne og lese neste bloggpost. Ville beskrive prosessen … Continue reading


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